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Kid Vengeance
Kid Vengeance
The vengeance in this movie might be exacted by a kid, but it’s by no means a kiddie movie. It’s a full-blooded, nasty vengeance movie from the days when political correctness was not yet on filmmaker’s agendas. Lee Van Cleef is reunited with then 15-year old Leif Garrett, who also appeared in God's Gun, but this time around, Garrett is not his protégé, but his sworn enemy. Van Cleef is a headband wearing bandit who ruins Garrett’s life: he kills his father, shames (and kills) his mother and kidnaps his sister. Garrett starts following the gang through the desert, picking off the bandits one by one, using bow and arrow, rocks, scorpions and snakes. In other words: everything the desert has to offer, can and will be used against them.

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Oct. 28th 2018 7:30  pm - adm. $25

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Looking for something to do? Every Friday and Saturday at 8:30 pm it's movie night at The Crown!


It's just a jump to the left... And another step to right! It's a great pleasure to say that on Sunday October 28th at 7:30 pm we're doing the timewarp again!!!

For the third year in row The Crown Harriston in co operation with Harry Stones presents:
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live Event!!!

Bring your toast, your rice, your kazoo... We'll be showing the film on screen while our Live Performance Troupe led by Chad Tailor acts out the scenes on stage. So.. get dressed up and enjoy the film with interactive play!!



NOW AVAILABLE playstation gameplay up to 4 players at a time for only $25/h. Call and find out!

Come early and get discounted food and beverages with your ticket at Harry Stone's Bar between 5 and 7 pm.

Join our Best Dressed Rocky Contest with fun prizes for the winners!

Pre-sale 20$ 
At the door 25$
For booking email or call.